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Discover all you can do with Zowi, the Clan robot.

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Zowi, Best Connected Toy!

Zowi, the robot of Clan, has been chosen the Best Connected Toy of 2016 by the expert jury of the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Toys. This category includes all toys that combine traditional fun with the use of mobile devices or tablets.

Meet Zowi, the Clan robot.

Introduce yourself to a friendly robot with a mission: to teach children that technology can be transparent, close and fun. It is a toy, but also an educational ecosystem with a long didactic journey. It is also a free robot: both its physical design as its programming and its app are available to anyone who wants to understand and modify it.

Ready to play.

When he leaves the box, he knows how to do some things, although he is looking forward to teaching you many more things. You can walk, dance, avoid obstacles, make sounds and make gestures with your mouth. Press the buttons on the back and explore its basic functions:

1. Dance: Zowi will surprise you with original dancing steps thanks to the four motors of his legs.

2. Walk and avoid obstacles: Zowi's eyes are, in fact, ultrasonic sensors. Place objects or your hand at eye level and dodge them to avoid colliding.

3. Responds to head touches and close sounds: Zowi has a microphone with which he listens to what goes on around him. Try hitting him or clapping his head and you'll see how he reacts.

Download the Zowi App!

Zowi, the Clan robot, can communicate and control via Bluetooth from ZowiApp. In it you will find different games and activities and, as you play, you will unlock new features. Find them all!

Play: have fun with your mini games. Control Zowi's movements with his command, make him walk or jump, change his gestures or coordinate his dance steps! You can also program actions in the order you want Zowi to do them. And much more!

Discover: test your knowledge, overcome challenges and learn more about your robot. With each test passed, you will release new actions.

Proceed with Bitbloq.

Zowi, the Clan robot, has a reprogrammable badge for you to teach him to do new things. You can do it with Bitbloq, a simple and intuitive block programming tool. Create melodies with your buzzer or program it to react to sounds as you want. You can also disassemble Zowi, see how it is inside and add new sensors to program them with Bitbloq.

Do you have a 3D printer? Design new cases to personalize Zowi!

Discover: test your knowledge, overcome challenges and learn more about your robot. With each test passed, you will release new actions.

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Play, learn and create with Zowi, the Clan robot.

In your web you will find all the news, updates, tutorials and downloadable necessary to get the most out of your robot. Make science, music or dance projects that will teach you more about robotics and the world around us. Stay up to date!



Product: 140 x 150 x 93 mm
Product plus box: 191 x 225 x 156 mm

Product: 461 g
Product plus box: 880 g

Injected parts in PC + ABS

Zowi controller board with buzzer and built-in microphone
Ultrasonic Sensor Zowi
5 x 6 px LED array
Rechargeable LiPo 3.7V 4040mAh battery
4 x Servos Futaba s3003
Ultrasonic Cable
LED matrix cable

Micro-USB slot

Playing time: up to 8 hours
Standby time: up to 80 hours

Micro-USB cable
2.5 mm Allen wrench
Stickers for personalization

Android App Available (v.4.0.3 +)
Programmable with Bitbloq
Arduino ™ Compatible

Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike

This product "ZOWI" is a derivative work of "BOB" by k120189 under license CC BY-SA (, "ZOWI" was created under a license CC BY-SA by bqLabs. For more information consult



Muy divertido!

Además de usarlo como decoración (queda estupendamente en mi salón), es muy divertido jugar con el robot. Además, los materiales son de buena calidad.

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Discover all you can do with Zowi, the Clan robot.